TransTel Communications, Inc along with its dealer KeyTel Solutions proudly provides telecommunication systems to the FAA.

Over the past several years the TransTel TDS 600 Series Digital Telephone System has been deployed in FAA installations including Air Traffic Control Towers and supporting office locations ranging from Montana to as far south as Miami, Florida.

TransTel’s President Joe Morris states; "We take this opportunity and responsibility very seriously and always at the forefront of each and every installation is emphasis on reliability for the long term. The FAA needs continuous communications at all times and our goal is to assure that is provided. The overall objective of the FAA is to provide reliability for all installations and to allow for an efficient cost factor for each site. The TransTel TDS Series has delivered on both fronts. Our dealer goes the extra mile when installing these systems by putting in place state of the art power and lightning protection. Many of the sites to date have never had failures at all based primarily upon the care taken at installation. As we look back to the installations already in place we are proud of the performance of the systems and overall project."

TransTel’s dealer KeyTel arranged a meeting with the FAA to discuss ways that we can fine tune our system to meet their specific requirements. KeyTel has been providing services for the FAA for nearly 18 years and has tremendous insight to their specific needs.

Ken Elam CEO of KeyTel; "We initially approached TransTel about working with us to be a provider of telephone systems for the FAA. We chose TransTel because of their product, ability to work with us and their committed level of support to us as a dealer and the FAA. TransTel held meetings with our technical staff and traveled to visit with the FAA directly. They have been willing to go far beyond any other company we have dealt with to design both hardware and software to best satisfy the needs of the FAA. They have been to installations with us, have real on site experience about how an air traffic control tower operates as well as supporting offices. When we call to speak with them about a site location, they know how to respond."

Joe Morris states “Working with our dealer Key Telecommunications Solutions and the FAA has been a really terrific project. The FAA presented us with some real needs and requirements. We have taken the time to develop them for the FAA. An Air Traffic Control Tower here in the USA has some unique characteristics which we were pleased to accommodate for the FAA. Some key developments for the FAA include;

  • Backlit displays for the air traffic control tower radar room
  • A thoughtful Default Database program suitable for FAA installations which ease initial deployments and help to get sites back on line if they ever experience a total system failure
  • Call Routing Options for distinct divisions within a tower’s operations with unique auto attendant greetings and time of day hours and scheduling
  • Traffic Measurement software tools so that management can best realize utilization of lines and make adjustments accordingly
  • Paging Groups for various departments within a given facility
  • Pick Up Groups for various department within a given facility
  • Special Station Class of Service Options
  • Forward timers to voice mail on a per user basis
  • Multi Tenant Day Night Schedules
  • Special User Guides for FAA applications to operate phones and voice mail
  • Analog Direct In Dialing interface card
  • T1 D4 Digital Interface
  • Heavy Duty Lightning Protection for analog cards
  • Printed ID tags on ALL circuit cards

The benefits of these features are available not only to FAA personnel, but to our dealers as well, in the form of a more competitive product in today’s marketplace. The end-user experience is also enhanced, as many of these features spell additional convenience and greater usability in day-to-day use.